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Dianne with her 2 beautful Arabian geldings, Khalif & Spirit

The Muddy Creek team

Dianne with some of her Muddy Creek family enjoying Diamond Beach

Meet Dianne

Di Denton has been passionate about horses for as long as she can remember (her parents are still waiting for her 'to grow out of it'!).  She is an active horsewoman and experiencd Equine Natural Therapist.  She specialises in Equine Bowen Therapy and incorporates Photonic Torch Therapy, Massage, Kinesiology, Equine Myofascial Release, Saddle Fitting, Australian Bush Flower Essences, Herbs and Nutrition into her work.


Dianne lives with her family (aka Muddy Creek team) on the beautiful mid north coast of New South Wales and has 2 purebred Arabian geldings - Falzon Khalif and Falzon Spirit.

She enjoys endurance riding (NSWERA), team penning (ABCRA) trail riding (ATHRA) and just about anything else to do with her horses (plus Working Equitation is starting to look quite interesting too!).


Dianne discovers Muddy Creek, finally!

Coming home cold, wet and unhappy after yet another ride, with the latest ineffective rain coat that I was trying (and I had tried many over the years and had a cupboard full of 'duds' to prove it!), I just 'knew' there had to be something better 'out there'. A coat that would really work!


A raincoat that would be waterproof, ultra lightweight - even when it was wet - breathable, durable and easy to maintain. Something that I would be comfortable in - both in the saddle as a riding rain coat and on the ground as an all purpose raincoat. 

And big enough to really cover me, my expensive saddle and any other equipment that I happened to be riding with - keeping me dry no matter what the weather. No more heavy, uncomfortable coats or rain running down the back of the saddle leaving me with wet and soggy pants!


So I set out to find it......And after much searching I did. 

And it's as good a raincoat as I had always wanted.


So I'm delighted to be able to offer you the same great rain gear that I now wear - Muddy Creek Rain Gear.


All Muddy Creek Rain Gear is designed and made with horse people firmly in mind and tested extensively on horseback - on endurance and pleasure riding trails; in the dressage arena; over showjumping and eventing courses; at Pony and Adult Riding Clubs; in the Campdrafting, Team Penning and Cutting Horse arenas; as well as in the paddock working stock, out feeding up; around the yards or simply standing ringside watching an event.


I'm really pleased to be able to bring you this range of fine quality raincoats and associated products. Every design detail is carefully thought out and durably crafted, incorporating 21st Century fabric technology, design innovations and manufacturing processes - with the best of traditional styling.  I'm sure that you'll find Muddy Creek Rain Gear the rain gear that you always wished you had!


Enjoy your riding,


About Us

Meet Dianne and find out about her quest for great, high performing rain gear...
Dianne's Tip - Come & ride the beach!

Come & experience a unique holiday with your horse - the beach, relaxed 'coastal country' luxury living, beach & forest riding, great horse facilities...& did I mention that your dog is welcome too!

Visit our Sea Horse Diamond Beach Beach Holidays With Your Horse website for more info & pics... 

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"Our Muddy Creek Rain Gear coats were truly AWESOME!  Never once were we even damp under our coats. Their size covered everything, they were super light to wear and they dried out really fast. Muddy Creek Rain Gear coats are the best!  I highly recommend them."


Maura Luxford, Ride4aCure

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