Ep 15 - Tuffrock - Transforming Volcanic Residue For Your Horses Benefit with Steve Hurley

Steve Hurley, the co-founder of TuffRock, is an interesting bloke.

I met Steve at the New South Wales Hunter Horse Festival (he’s a Hunter Valley local) and we sat down and talked about his path into the horse industry, the establishment of Tuffrock and Tuffrocks’ range of products for horses, dogs, cattle and chickens.

Tuffrock combines an intimate knowledge of Australian volcanic soils and the minerals they contain, with their’ own specialised method of extracting those very minerals and ensuring their bioavailabilty to animals. TuffRock was established in July 2002 following several years of extensive Research and Development, product development and test marketing.

With a view to manufacturing environmentally friendly animal health products, Tuffrock takes pride in being a nutraceutical manufacturer and ensuring that there are no drugs, chemicals, biotics, enzymes or heavy metals used in their products.


I've used Tuffrock products on and with my own horses and found them to be excellent.

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