ReviveX Water Repellant for Outerwear
Before & After Treatment

Fabric & Maintenance

High quality, easy care waterproof fabric that will keep you dry & comfortable...
Waterproof, breathable & ultra lightweight

All Muddy Creek Rain Gear products are made utilising the newest 21st Century fabric technology.

Using a micro porous coated nylon material we are able to create rain gear that is waterproof, breathable and ultra lightweight.


This 21st century fabric works as a system, with millions of tiny pores (like your skin) which allow moisture vapour to pass through and out, but are too tiny to allow water droplets to come through its outer protective coating.


This makes Muddy Creek Rain Gear vastly more comfortable in warmer conditions than garments made from traditional fabrics like PVC, plastic or oilskin. So now you can be out in the rain and not feel as though you're in a sauna - no sweat!


Fabric maintenance

As with all waterpfoof and breathable fabrics, the outer protective coating - the Durable Waterproof Repellency (DWR) layer - needs to be replaced periodically to maintain the fabric's waterproof integrity. We suggest that you do this 'top up' about once per year, depending on your use.


This is done in 3 quick and easy steps:

  1. Gently machine wash your gear in a non phosphate detergent.

  2. Whilst still wet, treat with a DWR product - this step is only required about once a year depending on usage

  3. Hang up to drip dry - your gear will dry quickly but our fabric is clothes dryer friendly if you're in a real hurry!  Some DWR products do require heat setting for maximum efficiency.


We recommend the use of our great ReviveX waterproofing products to ensure long lasting, peak performance of your Muddy Creek Rain Gear.

Ultra Lightweight, Waterproof & Breathable fabric
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