Small & Large Opening Hay Maximisers
Large Opening Hay Maximizer at event
Large Opening Hay Maximizer
Alpacas and Hay Maximizer Feed Bag
Large Opening Hay Maximizer

For the Relaxed Eater or less food orientated horse, this Hay Maximizer Feed Bag is a great choice.  
With its 16 double sized feeder openings, your horse will find it very easy to eat from. Your expensive hay will be safely inside until your horse is ready to eat it.


Not only will you waste less hay including those smaller/leafy bits but the hay will be clean and dry when your horse is ready to eat it. And he won't be eating it off the dusty or muddy ground or treading it into the ground making it unpalatable.


Ideal for all sized horses and ponies. Great for alpacas and goats too.​


This Hay Maximizer holds 3 - 4 biscuits of hay.  

Size 16 double sized openings  |  Cost $49.95

Large Opening Slow Feed Hay Maximizer
Hay Bale Buddies

Sturdy, handy and effective - you're going to love the Hay Maximizer Hay Twine Cutter.


The Hay Twine Cutter is an indispensible tool for your hay or feed shed. It is safe and oh so easy to use, making that job of cracking open a new bale of hay a snap.


Its design fits comfortably into your pocket or it can be simply hung on the feed shed wall ready for its next use.


The 'pointed finger' easily picks up the hay bale twine whilst the sharp blade slices quickly through the toughest of hay twine.


Order one with your new Hay Maximizer.


Cost $2.95

Hay Bag Carrier Bags

Maximize your horse's hay!

Hay Maximizer Feed Bags were designed by Australian Equine Natural Therapist, Dianne Denton, to effectively fix a problem that all horse owners experience at some stage, if not daily...their horses wasting their expensive hay.


Not only do Hay Maximizer Feed Bags address this issue brilliantly, they also incorporate the many documented benefits of natural Slow Feeding into your horse's feed program.


Extremely easy to fill & use

Save time, feed your horse quickly and easily. No need to struggle with those difficult nets. Simply open the Hay Maximizer Feed bag, pop your hay biscuits in and secure the flap. All done in 30 seconds.


Hay Maximizer Feed Bags will not only streamline your feed up process, they  will save you time. You will spend less time cleaning up spoilt hay from the ground.


Check out our Hay Maximizers' site for more info on how a Hay Maximizer will benefit both you and your horse!

Hay Bale Buddy
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