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Dianne's Tip

Team a cantle bag with your coat for maximum convenience.  Your coat will simply roll up and fit into your cantle bag, then you can easily take it with you whenever and wherever you ride.

  • Designed and manufactured to meet AS/NZS 4602.1:2011 Day/Night criteria – so corporate OH&S and Uniform Committees will be very happy.

  • Extra large shoulder cape that immediately ‘sheds’ rain water off your shoulders and back.

  • Extra large rear cape easily covers the back of the saddle (no more wet jodphurs or jeans from rain running down the back of the saddle!) plus it provides protection to the loins and back of your horse.

  • Quick and easy access to your pants pockets via large, double ended side zipper entries on both left and right sides.

  • High level of visibility in all light conditions via multiple rows of 3” highly reflective 3M silver reflector tape points – on the back and front of the shoulder cape plus 3 rows around the body of the coat, plus 2 armbands. 

  • 2 deep, easily accessible front storage pockets. 

  • Large, adjustable, fold away hood with brim - sized to easily cover a riding helmet.• Internal lower leg straps.

  • Adjustable wrist tabs for individual coat fitting.

  • 2 internal security pockets – each large enough to fit a note book or smart phone.

  • Internal microphone loop positioned at collar height keeps a radio handpiece close and handy.

  • Coat hanging loop for easy storage.

  • And so there's never any doubt about whose coat it is, we’ve even included space to write each coat owner's name on the coat label.

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Hi Viz Waterproof Riding Gloves!

You can now achieve the ultimate hi viz, waterproof experience by teaming your Hi Viz Stockman Rain Coat with our Hi Viz Waterproof Riding Gloves - check them out here.

The Ultimate Hi Viz Waterproof Riding Raincoat

5 years in the design and manufacturing, 'Serious Rain Gear' high visibility riding rain coats are a WORLD’S FIRST! Proudly Australian designed and owned, these coats combine the iconic, original styling of a long oilskin type coat and modern, technologically advanced materials and processes. They’re waterproof (YES they really are!), ultra lightweight and breathable and comply with the rigorous safety standards and requirements of Australian and New Zealand Industry Safety and OH&S regulations.


The innovation of an OH&S qualified and experienced horse rider, 'Serious Rain Gear' Hi Viz coats have been designed in conjunction with the Australian NSW Mounted Police Unit. They provide a high quality, effective and highly useable solution to the (previously unmet) need for appropriate hi viz wet weather gear for the Feedlot Industry that will perform in all light and weather conditions.


Our Hi Viz coats are also ideal for professional riders such as stockmen and women, Feedlot Pen Riders and any other rider who wants to ensure they are clearly visible at all times, in all light conditions.  They are a popular choice of  with endurance riders who are often out riding early morning & evenings.

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Happy Muddy Creekers!

"Our Muddy Creek Rain Gear coats were truly AWESOME!  Never once were we even damp under our coats. Their size covered everything, they were super light to wear and they dried out really fast. Muddy Creek Rain Gear coats are the best!  I highly recommend them."


Maura Luxford, Ride4aCure

4600km Horse Trek across Australia

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