Ep 14 - Itchy Scratchy Horses and Calafea Itch Oil

Queensland Itch, Summer Itch, Sweet Itch or Summer Eczema – call it what you will, but if you’ve got an itchy horse then you definitely know what it is and how it affects your  horse - up close and personally!  Read more...


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Ep 13 - Katherine Massey - Hunter Valley Brumby Association

Having grown up ‘on’ the Silver Brumby children’s books series by noted Australian author Elyne Mitchell, it was with pleasure that I sat down to interview Kathryn Massey, the President and founder of the Hunter Valley Brumby Association and find out more about these iconic Australian wild horses and the Associations aims and activities.


Kathryn Massey and the Hunter Valley Brumby Association have championed Australian Brumby horses since 2009 and provide for them refuge, rehabilitation, education and training from their sanctuary property near Stroud NSW.    The Associations main focus (working with Government, National Parks and State Forest departments) is to protect the 3 main wild populations of Brumbies in the NSW Hunter Valley region (at Barrington, Nerong and Singleton).   


The Association also works to promote the Brumby as a breed in itself and to improve its profile and popularity to the general public, regularly showcasing the Brumby breed at horse shows, agricultural events and farm days across the region. 


More brumby information can be found  on The Hunter Valley Brumby Association website at www.hvba.com.au.


Hunter Valley Brumby Association website

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Ep 12 - The Italian Saddlery – Makebe Stirrups, Colourful & Clever

It was the array of bright, shiny and rainbow coloured stirrups that caught my eye as I spent a happy time perusing the saddlery trade stands at Equifest, Hawkesbury recently.  Bright? Colourful? And stirrups no less - I had to know more.  Augusta Clarke of The Italian Saddlery (find them on Facebook) was able to enlighten me on the Italian designed and manufactured range of Makebe Wave Stirrups she was now importing.


Makebe Wave ergonomically designed, solid aluminium stirrups are seriously interesting.  They not only look good  but they appear to resolve a number of issues that riders commonly experience.  Their design has moved the stirrup arch forward and both widened and angled the footplate down, enabling the rider to naturally and easily put their heel down, eliminating the need to press or force the heel down into position (and so forward).  The wide foot bed design shares the riders weight more widely across the whole foot minimising discomfort that can often occur when using standard English width stirrups.  Makebe Wave stirrups come in both Showjumping and Dressage styles and a wide range of gorgeous colours.  I think I’ll go for the purple!


MakeBe Website

The Italian Saddlery on Facebook


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