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The Long Chap

The perfect partner to keep your legs dry.

Made out of the same ultra light weight material as our coats. These will keep you dry when you need the. Roll up small in your cantle bag when you don't. Dry quickly between rides. 

Velcro strap to attach to you belt for easy and quick convienience. Heavy duty zip allowing the chaps to be removed while you still have your boots on.  The zip is covered by a material flap to protect it. This is secured by velcro flaps to allow easy to access. An elastic boot strap keeps the chaps in place while riding. 



Leg width (from top of thigh): 28 cm

Length width (from cuff to top of belt loop): 85cm



Leg width (from top of thigh):31cm

Leg length(from cuff to top of belt loop): 87cm



Leg width (from top of thigh):33cm

Leg length (from cuff to top of belt loop):91.5cm

Long Chaps