To Finish Is (Most Definitely) To Win!

Endurance Riding is something that I've been interested in since I was a young girl - longingly horseless but still an avid reader of the iconic Hoofs & Horns magazine. And receiving my own Quilty buckle was always (and certainly still is) among the top items on my own personal bucket list. Well, I mightn't be riding at this years Tom Quilty Endurance Ride (now in its 50th year!), but I'll certainly be there with the Muddy Creek Rain Gear trade stand and supporting the ride itself through the donation of 2 Hay Maximizer Feed Bags as prizes plus providing a Serious Rain Gear Hi Viz Stockmans coat for the Ride Base Director - Charlie Gucci - to wear. In one of our new hi viz coats, Charlie will be 'lit up like a Christmas Tree!" so you definately won't miss him. If you're going to be at the Tom Quilty please come by and say g'day :). If you're riding, I'll be there cheering each one of you home.

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