Charlie does it in hi viz bright style!

For Endurance riders world wide - the Australian Tom Quilty Endurance ride (100 mile in 24 hours, combined with very strict vetting requirements before, during and after the ride) is one of the very top 3 rides in the world to achieve a successful completion.

To be good enough to get a start in the ride is a 'WOW!', to successfully complete the ride and achieve that oh so coveted Quilty Buckle is testament to a riders skill, the horse and riders fitness, damn good horsemanship and riding, along with a handful of luck thrown in. Its something to be totally proud of your whole life.

Well, I mightn't have riding in this years Tom Quilty (one day...) , but I was delighted to be able to support the ride commitee by providing one of our brand new 'Serious Rain Gear' hi viz long raincoats for Ride Base Director (and lynchpin for the smooth organisation of the whole event) Charlie Gucci to wear. Charlie was easy to find in his hi viz coat throughout the whole event and although there wasn't much rain its high visibility factor, windproofness, easy wearing and comfort factors helped make things that much easier for a very busy man.

Congratulations to the ride organizing committee - before, during and after the event. You did a mammoth and great job.

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