Lending Horse Charities a helping hand.

I'm always quite in awe of those wonderful, selfless people who give up so much of their own time, energy and money to run animal charities, helping those many (far too many) four legged beings who are not as fortunate as our own pampered pets (Khalif and Spirit snug and well fed in your stables - I'm thinking about you here! :) ).

So we at Muddy Creek Rain Gear decided to 'put our money where our mouth was' and actively support the horse rescue charity, Horse Welfare of Glen Oak, NSW. We had met the Horse Welfare Inc girls at the Williams River Endurance Ride where they were running the ride base BBQ, raising money to help keep those rescue horses in hay - to name just one thing!

So for EVERY long or short coat we sell, we donate $10.00 directly to Horse Welfare. EVERY COAT, EVERY TIME. No ifs or buts. Not just for one week or one month, but on an ongoing basis, paying it forward and doing our bit to help those lovely horses who need a caring, helping hand.

So, if you feel you'd like to lend a helping hand to a horse in distress or perhaps share the benefit of some of your yearly tax refund, simply get in touch with your favourite animal charity and give them a helping hand in the best way you can. If you'd like to know more about Horse Welfare, check out their website at www.horsewelfare.com.au.

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