Where in the world are they being worn?

September 30, 2016


Introducing the first in our series of Happy Muddy Creekers exploring Australia and around the world on horseback, staying dry and comfortable on their travels with their Muddy Creek Rain Gear.



Ok, .... yes,this first ones me, but I had to start somewhere! :)


With my trusty short red raincoat by my side, I've been Globetrotting my happy way across the extraordinary Kenyan Masai Mara and getting very up close and personal with lions (can you see her in the background there), elephants, giraffe, water buffalo, zebra, hippo and so much more in a fabulous 8 day moving, glamping (certainly no roughing it here!) holiday.  I chose to ride with Kate and Steve of Globetrotting Australia and it was definately the right decision.  The horses were fabulous, well matched to our riding likes/styles and looked after like the 'rockstars' of the african adventure that they are. Oh yes, we guests experienced wonderful hospitality, care and catering too.


An African horse riding safari has always been at the very top of my 'Bucket List' and I'll definately remember this ride as the trip of my lifetime (I even managed to get my non-horsey husband Chris to polish up his horse riding skills and come and share the adventure with me.  Ladies,  if you have a husband that doesn't think he'd enjoy this ride - he'd be seriously mistaken, Chris now talks about this ride as if it was always his idea!)  


The short Muddy Creek coat was great for the variety of weathers we experienced out on the Masai Mara and on our travels to and from Kenya. It was also put to good use in and out of airconditioning, planes and as a pillow for stop overs in airport terminals. Multipurpose, easily packable clothing that you look and feel good in - thats my Muddy Creek Rain Gear short coat.


Hmm, now, what about that ride in the Oakvango Delta, Botswana ..........................





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"Our Muddy Creek Rain Gear coats were truly AWESOME!  Never once were we even damp under our coats. Their size covered everything, they were super light to wear and they dried out really fast. Muddy Creek Rain Gear coats are the best!  I highly recommend them."


Maura Luxford, Ride4aCure

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