Hay Maximizers Head OS

The good word about Hay Maximizer Slow Feed Bags continues to spread as more and more savvy horse owners look to incorporate the horse health and financial benefits of slow feeding their horses.

Hay Maximizer Slow Feed Bags insist that your horse slowly eats and picks at his hay by minimizing the amount hay that he can grab with each mouthful. A full haybag can now last hours longer (with most of it going in your horses tummy, not on the stable floor). Which is just how nature intended your horse should eat - slowly and over long periods of time, allowing their small stomach plenty of time to digest their starchy feed.

The financial benefits to your wallet come directly from your horse not being able waste the large volume of hay that they may previously have been doing - particularly if they are an 'always hungry' horse that reefs into their hay in 'starvation mode' each feed time.

Pictured above is Regula of Switzerland's gorgeous bay gelding quietly and happily enjoying his hay from his new Hay Maximizer Feed Bag.

If you'd like your own Hay Maximizer Slow Feed Bag, simply order here online or contact Di Denton on 0429 99 55 96

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