Our mailing bags have changed!

We are so happy to announce that all new orders will be using a compostable mailing bag. Our environment is a beautiful place and every little thing that helps to keep it clean and healthy is up there on our list.

We are using mail bags from Heaps Good packaging. Here are a few fun facts from their website about why we made the switch:

  • They are home compostable! To best compost these bags at your house remove any labels or stickers. Then you can optionally cut them up for the fastest composting results.

  • Certified to break down in home compost within 180 days and 90 days in commercial compost.

  • The mail bags are made from a combination of cornstarch, PLA (vegetable-based plastic material) and PBAT composting co-polymer).

  • What happens if they end up in landfill?

The good news is that even in landfill, Ecomailers are a better solution than conventional plastic mailers, in that they will take 2-3 years to break down instead of 400 years and won't leave behind any toxic residues or microplastics (as they contain 0% plastic). However, similar to food scraps or any other organic waste that goes to landfill, compostable mailers will generate methane. To unlock the full environmental potential of the product, therefore, it is best to compost them where possible.”

You can head to their website to read more about these products. https://heapsgoodpackaging.com.au/

Best Regards,

The Muddy Creek Rain Gear Team

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