Long Coat Sizing Guide

NOTE:  Our long coats are designed quite roomy through the body to give you the ability to easily layer up underneath them in cold weather and also provide you with superior coverage and room to move and ride when in the saddle.  

Need some help with your sizing?

No problems.  If you need any help at all regarding your size for any of our Muddy Creek Rain Gear, please don't hesitate to get in touch.

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Sizing Guide

Easy guides to work out the best fit for your Muddy Creek coats 
For Long and Short Coats

There are 3 key measurements involved in determining the best size for your new long coat:


1.  Arm measurement (cms).  This is the most important.

With your arm held straight out to the side, measure from the base of your collar at the side of your neck, straight along to the base knuckle of your thumb.


2.  Length measurement (cms)


Standing evenly on both feet, measure straight down from the base of your collar at the back of your neck, to the low calf area or where you would like your coat to fall to.


3.  General clothing size


Once you have your measurements:


You can download our Personalized Long Coat Sizing Sheet (PDF), fill it out and send it to us.




Refer to our Long Coats Size Reference Chart (PDF) or 

Short Coats Size Reference Chart (PDF) to determine your size.