ReviveX Pro Cleaner

ReviveX Pro Cleaner

Refresh, renew and revive your Muddy Creek Rain Gear with McNett Gear Aid ReviveX Pro Cleaner. Keep your coats, chaps and rain pants and any other waterproof-breathable garments free of dirt and oils, which typically impact fabric performance.  Use before respraying any DWR product on your gear.  4 x concentrated, this bottle is suitable for up to 24! washes.
Happy Muddy Creekers!

"Our Muddy Creek Rain Gear coats were truly AWESOME!  Never once were we even damp under our coats. Their size covered everything, they were super light to wear and they dried out really fast. Muddy Creek Rain Gear coats are the best!  I highly recommend them."


Maura Luxford, Ride4aCure

4600km Horse Trek across Australia

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